About us

STAR-Cargo was founded in 2008 in Berlin as a professional services company in the field of freight forwarding, transportation and warehousing (including customs warehousing). We are a modern and dynamic company that constantly strives for further development and growth. At the moment STAR-Cargo-Team includes eight specialists – professionals in their areas of competence.

Our company’s goals:

  • Continuous quality improvement is a central corporate goal of STAR-Cargo Berlin that is consistently put into practice.
  • Securing the future through efficient economic activity with emphasis on highest quality and environmental standards.
  • Cost-conscious operating at all levels.
  • Fixed costs minimization through the division of labor.
  • Employees’ motivation through open information and involvement in decision-making processes.
  • Quality improvement through education and training of personnel.
  • Maintaining customers’ loyalty though consistency and reliability of our corporate policy.