We cooperate with reputable logistics companies, which correspond to your high standards of quality. Our partner companies are located in Russian Federation and in Belarus. Through this cooperation our company is able to extend the transportation capacity and to be more flexible in responding to our customers’ needs, as well as to gain workload optimization and operational flexibility.

♦   Our partner company in Moscow (Russian Federation) is:
OOO Star-Cargo
107241 Moscow, Russian Federation, Schelkovskoe Highway 23A

♦   Our partner company in Belarus is:
224026 Belarus, Brest, Wychulki str. 117

♦   Our partner company in Germany is:
Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Foerderung und Entwicklung des internationalen Straßenverkehrs (AIST) e.V., Selma-Lagerlöf-Straße 7, D-13189 Berlin