Road freight

We are at home on the roads of Germany and Europe. Along with our destinations in Germany we drive to a number of European regions as well as to the East, to Russian Federation (Moscow), Kazakhstan and Belarus, on daily basis.

Our vehicles are equipped with cooling systems that allow the transportation of the temperature-sensitive goods such as cosmetics and medical products. By using satellite alarm and GPS-tracking system we are able to provide the specific location of your shipment at any point of time for maximum planning flexibility of our customers. Certainly, all our vehicles meet Euro-5 standard as well as the corresponding technical requirements.

Our drivers are regularly trained to keep up with the development of the corresponding industry regulations and best practices. It goes without saying that our drivers always travel in a team of two.

♦   Short- and long-distance transportation (Germany, EU, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus and CIS countries).
♦   Transportation of valuable cargo and temperature-sensitive goods such as cosmetics and medical products.
♦   Maximum planning flexibility with the help of satellite alarm and GPS-tracking system. Request quotation.